Best You Can Be

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The Office for Evangelisation & Ecumenism started a new course entitled ‘Best You Can Be’ in September 2016.  It is inspired by Pope Francis’ vision for individual Christians, for the Church and for the world.

I invite all Christians, everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting him encounter them.”

It is not so much a course as an introduction to developing adult faith…  A faith that builds on what we have received from others but which also involves a personal quest.  This ‘searching’ faith is always rooted in our unique personal experience,which often begins with key life events that involve transition, disappointment, crisis etc.  A searching faith enables one to deepen an encounter with Jesus Christ which encourages each individual to achieve their potential, a fully human person.  It is about lifelong listening, learning and discerning.

The course has taken place over two Saturday mornings but there is flexibility and it may suit a parish better to run it all day on a Saturday or Sunday.

Previous participants on Best You Can Be have expressed the following reasons for wanting to join the course:

Their replies included the following:

•  ‘The title ‘Best You Can Be’ captured my imagination’
•  ‘I’ve come with an open mind’
•  ‘A few tips for helping to carry the word of God to others would be useful – would love to pass on faith to grandchildren’
•  ‘A desire to become a better person and a better Christian’
•  ‘I’m searching for greater understanding, insight’
•  ‘A desire to be centred and strong within oneself’
•  ‘A privilege to be journeying with a new group’
•  ‘Something to sustain me’

The following words/comments are from participants in Kilmacud Pastoral Centre earlier this year as they finished the first morning of the course:

•  Common threads in our shared stories
•  The importance of listening & reflection
•  Human
•  Faith is a continuous journey
•  Stimulating
•  Ordinary
•  Real
•  Renewal
•  Recognise the promptings of the Spirit
•  Love

Participants were left with a key question to ponder: Where is God leading you in your unique vocation?

The second morning considered God’s dream for our world as expressed by Jesus. Participants took part in reconstructing the early Church, which challenged us to help build a world that is the Best that it can Be.

If a parish or group of parishes are interested in this course, please contact Rosemary Lavelle

Best You Can Be is also a ‘stepping stone’ for those who might wish to go on to other courses we run, like Faith For Life.