Exploring Catholic Faith & Culture – Malahide Parish

Exploring Catholic Faith & Culture – Malahide Parish

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Learning about your Catholic Faith and exploring Catholic Culture

This course consists of 10 Monday evening sessions from 7.30pm to approx. 9pm in the Malahide parish center, providing contextual, exploratory and interview based videos on our Catholic faith and Catholic culture. These videos are primarily EWTN based, and focused on the core aspects of a topic, so as to help point one in the right direction for more detailed study & understanding.

It starts on Monday February 6th and runs until the end April. Each evening will generally comprise of 3 videos, each video approx. 25 minutes long, as follows:

The first series, focusing on our Catholic Faith, is titled “Priest, Prophet, King” and is a series of presentations by Bishop Robert Barron on Christ as the Anointed One as portrayed in the Old Testament. This will help us to better understand Jesus Christ. There will also be videos on prayer and grace.

The second series, focusing on Key People in Catholicism, including the Saints, will kick off with Saints Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, arguably the two most important theologians of the Church. Subsequent weeks will include saints and key historical Catholic figures such as Chesterton, Dante, Michelangelo, Tolkien etc depending on audience interest / choice.

The third series, focusing on Catholic Culture, will kick off with a series on the cardinal and theological virtues. Subsequent weeks can explore diverse themes such as catholic social teaching (CST), exploring its developing relationship with business, economics, and the natural law (“human ecology”), secularism, evangelical Catholicism (G. Weigel), the relationship between Christianity and happiness, and “Decision Points” by Matthew Kelly engaging young Catholics in choosing Christ & Catholicism in their lives. A specific topic from the above list will be selected for each session depending on audience interest / choice.

There is no cost involved. Free parking available in the Castle car park.

You are welcome to all or any session.

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