Holy Spirit, (C.S.Sp.)

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HOLY SPIRIT, Congregation of the

Under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: C.S.Sp  

Holy Spirit Provincialate, Temple Park, Richmond Ave. Sth., Dublin 6. Tel. 4977230/4975127.
Fax. 4975399.
Website: www.spiritan.ie  
Administration and Secretariat. 
Provincial: V. Rev. Marc Whelan C.S.Sp. 

Holy Spirit Missionary College, Kimmage Manor, Whitehall Road, Terenure, Dublin 12.
Tel. 4064300. Fax. 4920062.
Community Leader: V. Rev. Daithi Kenneally, C.S.Sp.
Work: House for Retired Members. 

Kimmage Development Studies Centre:
Holy Spirit Missionary College, Whitehall Road, Dublin 12. Tel. 4064386. Fax. 4064388. Website: www.kimmagedsc.ie
Director: Dr. Rob Kivlihan


Des Places Education Association Ltd., Kimmage Manor, Dublin 12.
Website: www.desplaces.ie
Chairperson: Rev. Peter Conaty, C.S.Sp.Tel: 01 4997624.
CEO: Caroline Clarke. Tel: 01 4997621.
Faith Development Officer: Orla Walsh. Tel: 4997626.
 Administration: Maria McGuill. Tel: 01 4997620.

Spiritan House, 213 North Circular Road,
Dublin 7. Tel. 8389664; 8683504. Fax. 8686500.
Website: www.spirasi.ie  
Director: Mr. Greg Straton.

Blackrock College, Co. Dublin. Tel. 2888681.
Fax. 2834267. Website: www.blackrockcollege.com
Community Leader: Rev. Thomas Nash. Tel: 2752139.
Work: Education and priestly ministry. 
Tel. 2752139. Principal, Blackrock College: Mr. Alan MacGinty.
Willow Park, Tel: 2881651. Fax. 2783353. Principal, Willow Park Senior School: Mr. High McGuire.

Principal, Willow Park Junior School: Mr Jim Casey.

St. Mary’s College, Rathmines, Dublin 6.
Tel. 4995700. Fax. 4972574. Website: www.stmarys.ie
Community Leader.: Rev. John B. Doyle CSSp. Tel: 4995760. Work: Education.
Senior School Principal: Mr. Denis Murphy. Tel. 4062118.
Junior School Principal: Ms. Mary O’Donnell. Tel: 4995721.

St. Michael’s College, Ailesbury Road,  Dublin 4.
Tel: 2189400. Fax: 2698862.
Website: www.stmichaelscollege.com
Work: Education.
Principal: Mr. Tim Kelleher.
Principal Junior School: Ms Lorna Heslin.


Duquesne University, Duquesne in Dublin, St. Michael's, 1 Ailesbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Tel/Fax: 2080940, Website: duq.edu/ireland

Resident Director: Ms. Laura K. Palilla  

Templeogue College, Templeogue, Dublin 6W. Tel: 4905788.
Website: www.templeoguecollege.ie

Community Leader: Rev. William Bradley, CSSp. Tel: 4903909. Fax: 4920903. Work: Education.
Principal: Ms. Aoife O’Donnell.

Promotions/Mission Animation Office,
46 Lr. Rathmines Road, Dublin 6.
Tel. 4965241/4965319. Fax. 4965497.
Director (Promotions): Rev. Noel Murphy, C.S.Sp.  

Spiritan Parishes:
Bawnogue: The Presbytery, Bawnogue,  Clondalkin, Dublin 22.
Tel: 4519810. Rev. Marino Nguekam, C.S.Sp., Adm.
Clondalkin: Newlands Institute for Counselling,
2 Monastery Rd., Clondalkin, Dublin 22.
Tel. 4594573. Rev. Patrick Coughlan C.S.Sp.
Rev. Ronan Grimshaw C.S.Sp.
Deansrath: Parish of St. Ronan’s, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. Tel: 4570380.
Rev. Sean O'Laoire, C.S.Sp., P.P.
Greenhills: Holy Spirit Parish, 55 Fernhill Road, Greenhills, Dublin 12.
Tel: 4504040. Rev. Myles Healy, C.S.Sp., P.P. ; Rev. Roderick Curran, C.S.Sp.

Kimmage: The Presbytery, 66 Rockfield  Avenue, Dublin 12.
Tel. 4064377 / 4558316.  Parish Priest: Rev. Patrick Doody, C.S.Sp., Adm.,;  Rev. Thomas Hogan C.S.Sp


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