Jesuits (S.J.)

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Society of Jesus: SJ   

Jesuit Provincial Offices:
Milltown Park, Sandford Road, Dublin 6.
Provincial: V. Rev. Tom Layden, S.J.
Assistant Provincial: Rev. Liam o'Connell, S.J.
Tel. Reception: 4987333.
Fax. 4987334. Email:  
Work: Administration and apostolic.  

Belvedere College,
Gt. Denmark Street,
Dublin 1. Est. 1832.
College: Tel. 8586600. Fax. 8744374.
Rector Rev. Derek Cassidy, S.J.
Headmaster: Mr. Gerard Foley.
Work: Education, Secondary school for boys.  

Parish of the Church of St. Francis Xavier,
Upr. Gardiner St., Dublin 1. Est. 1832.
Tel. 8363411, Fax. 8555624. Superior: Rev. Fergus O'Donoghue, S.J.; Rev. Donal Neary, S.J, P.P.,
Email:  Community: 20 priests, 3 brothers.
Work: Church and Youth Work.  

Pioneer Offices,
27 Upper Sherrard Street,
Tel. 8749464. Fax. 8748485.
Office Manager: Ms. Orla O' Connell


Jesuit Missions,
28 Upper Sherrard Street,
Dublin 1. Director: Rev. John K. Guiney, S.J.
Tel. 8366509, Fax. 8366510.

Centre for Faith and Justice,
26 Upper Sherrard Street, Dublin 1. Tel. 8556814. Fax. 8364377. Email:
Est. 1981. A Project of the Irish Jesuit Province, the Centre undertakes social analysis and theological reflection in relation to issues of social justice.
Director: Rev. John K. Guiney, S.J.  Email:

J.R.S. (Jesuit Refugee Service) Ireland,
Dublin Office: The Mews, 20 Upr Gardiner Street, Dublin 1.
Tel. Reception: 8148644. Fax:8736480
Co-ordinator: Mr. David Moriarty. Mob: 086 6028533 Email:


Magis – Young Adults Apostolates:
20 Upr. Gardiner St., Dublin 1.
Director: Padraig Swan. Tel. 8880606.


Jesuit Volunteer Communities,
Contact Mr Sean Meehan, Magis,, 128 Shangan Road, Ballymun.
Tel. 8625345. Email:

Loyola Community, Milltown Park, Sandford Road, Dublin 6.
Superior: Rev. Noel Barber, S.J.
Email:  Tel. 4987333.
Work: Administration & apostolic.
Community: 5 priests.  

House of Studies, Milltown Park, Dublin 6.
Est. 1858. Rector: Rev. Conall O Cuinn, S.J.
Tel. 2698411; Fax. 2600371.
Community: 24 priests, 6 brothers. 

Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy.
Acting President Associate: Prof Thomas R. Whelan CSSp

Personal Assistant: Tel. 2776308.

Tel: 2776300 Fax: 2692528

Work: Co-operation with Orders and Congregations in staffing the Institute which
offers various diploma and degree courses for clerics, laity and Religious.  

Lay Retreat Association of St. Ignatius (L.R.A.):
Milltown Park, Dublin 6. Tel. 2698411.  Lay apostolate for the promotion of retreats in different locations.
Spiritual Director: Rev. Fergus O’Keefe, S.J.
Tel. 7072203


Cherryfield Lodge,
c/o Milltown Park, Sandford Road, Dublin 6. Tel. 4985800. Nursing unit

Gonzaga College Community,
Sandford Road, Dublin 6. Est. 1950.
Tel. 4972943. Fax. 4960849. College: Tel. 4972931, Fax 4967769.
Rector: Rev. Myles O’Reilly, S.J.
Community: 8 priests.
Work: Secondary school for boys.
Headmaster: Mr. Kevin Whirdy.

House of Formation:
John Sullivan House, 27 Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6. Tel. 5242134 Email:   
Superior: Rev. Martin Curry, S.J.,

4 priests,  2 scholastics, 1 Brother.

Manresa House,
Dollymount, Dublin 3. Est. 1948. Tel 8331352, Fax. 8331002.
Email:  Centre of Spirituality.
Rector: Rev. Michael Drennan, S.J. Director of Ignatian Centre: Rev. Piaras Jackson, S.J. 

13 priests, 2 brothers.
Work: The Centre of Spirituality offers Priests, Religious and Laity Guidance,
Retreats, Workshops and other Spiritual Exercises.

St. Ignatius,
35 Lr. Leeson St., Dublin 2.
Est. 1909. Tel. 6761248. Fax. 7758598.
Superior: Rev. Brian Grogan, S.J.
14 priests, 1 brother, 1 scholastic.
Work: Writing; Publications; Retreats. 

Jesuit Communication Centre,
Jesuit Provincialate, Milltown Park, Sandford Road, Dublin 6. Tel: 4987333.  
Manager: Pat Coyle. Tel: 4987372. Email:

Irish Messenger Publications,
37 Lr. Leeson Street, Dublin 2.
Director and Editor “Messenger”: Fr. John Looby, S.J. Tel. 6767491, Fax 6767493.

Studies, 36 Lr. Leeson Street, Dublin 2.
Editor: Fr. Bruce Bradley, S.J.
Enquiries: The Secretary, Tel 6766785.
Fax. 6762984. Email:  

Christian Life Communities,
36 Lr. Leeson Street, Dublin 2. National Ecclesiastical Assistant, Rev. Michael O’ Gallagher, S.J.
Email:  Enquiries, Tel: 7758596.

Campion House,
28 Lr. Hatch Street, Dublin 2. Tel. 6383990.
Superior: Rev. Patrick Hume S.J. Email:  Community: 5 priests.

Dominic Collins House,
129 Morehampton Road, Dublin 6. Tel. 2693075. Fax. 2698462. Vice Superior: Rev. David Coghlan, S.J.
Email: 2 priests.  Work: Mainly for Lecturers in Jesuit and non-Jesuit Institutes.

J.U.S.T. (Jesuit University Support & Training).
Director: Rev Kevin O’Higgins, S.J. 35 Whiteacre Crescent, Ballymun, Dublin 9.
Mobile: 087 9254283. Email:  

Jesuit Community,
25 Croftwood Park, Cherry Orchard, Dublin 10. Tel. 6267413.
Community: 2 priests. Rev. Gerard O’Hanlon S.J, Rev. William Toner, S.J. Email:


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