Sunday's Prayer of the Faithful

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Jan 31/Feb 1 2015

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Cel ----- As God’s people in this parish of _________________,   we pray in confidence and trust,

We pray for the leaders of our church, that they may find collaborative and transparent ways of administration and care within the authority structures of the church, Lord hear us,

We pray for those who are oppressed, hungry or in prison, may they may find justice and freedom, and that we may hear the cry of Christ in all human distress, Lord hear us,

On this weekend when we celebrate St Brigid, we pray for all women in our country who work in caring professions, and for all women in religious life, Lord hear us,

For peace in our world, especially in the countries of the Middle East, and for Christians who are being persecuted for their faith, Lord hear us,

For all who have died, especially __________ who died recently and for _____________ and all whose anniversaries occur at this time; may they enjoy the eternal happiness of heaven. Lord, hear us.


Let us pray – a traditional prayer to St Brigid.

Saint Brigid

You were a woman of peace

You brought harmony where there was conflict

You brought light to the darkness

You brought hope to the downcast

May the mantle of your peace cover those who are troubled and anxious, and may peace be firmly rooted in our hearts and in our world

May we grow each day into greater wholeness in mind, body and spirit

Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


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