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World Missions Ireland has contacted the Archdiocese expressing their gratitude for the generosity shown in our parishes for the last Mission Sunday Collection. The following is a synopsis of information WMI have given us, illustrating, how that generosity has been put into action.  

World Missions Ireland the work of the Pontifical Mission Societies, brings the prayers and financial help of the Church in Ireland to Christian communities in other parts of the world, in the spirit of Pauline Jarciot. Despite the demands made by different missions and the limited resources available, Pauline’s wisdom was that none should be neglected: all should be supported, especially the most needy. 

€370,316 was collected in the Archdiocese of Dublin on World Missions Sunday in 2011 and shared among the four branches of World Missions Ireland; Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Society of St Peter Apostle, Society of Missionary Children and Missionary Union.

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith currently supports more than 1,100 mission dioceses including 1,760 Irish missionaries serving in 84 countries in 2011. It works to increase public awareness by sharing the good news and raising financial aid to assist Catholic missions throughout the world.  Money received by the Society has helped to assist the work of pastoral teams in areas such as the De Aar Diocese in Cape Town, South Africa, who are working to develop education and catholic awareness programmes at parish levels. They also evaluate the youth involvement in parishes to give a feeling of belonging to the Roman Catholic Community.

The Society of St Peters Apostle provides the financial and spiritual support needed by young churches in missionary lands such as the Torit Diocese in South Sudan to train their own priests, brothers and sisters. In the last year the Society supported more than 26,000 student priests, as well as 2,975 male novices and 5,221 female novices in their training. Money received by the Society has also helped to facilitate the establishment of seminary’s including St Mary’s Seminary, Torit Diocese, South Sudan.

The Society of Missionary Children was first established in Ireland in 1853 and continues to promote the tradition of prayer and support among primary school children. The money received by Missionary Children is used to help children across the world in areas such as Tanzania and the Spring of Hope Home for Street Children in Kimara, Tanzania.  This home provides safe and secure living conditions for children and a place where they can receive regular education, periodical counselling, health care and take part in recreational activities. The Spring of Hope Home is a source of inspiration for children who are abandoned or orphaned in Dar es Salaam and the Songea region. Because of your generous donations the children of Spring Hope Home now have a future.

Missionary Union unites clergy, religious, seminarians and catechists in helping the missionary activity of the Church by the sanctity of their lives and prayer. The Society promotes mission awareness among those involved in the pastoral ministry of the Church.

Thank you all for your great generosity in these difficult financial times. By donating to World Missions Ireland you show your solidarity with missionaries through your prayers and generosity. The money raised has made a great difference to the lives of many and those you help are deeply grateful.

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