Icon of World Meeting of Families 2018 in Balbriggan Parish

Icon of World Meeting of Families 2018 in Balbriggan Parish

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Official Visit of the World Meeting of Families 2018 Icon to Balbriggan Parish

The Icon of the Holy Family, blessed by Pope Francis for use at the World Meeting of Families 2018, will visit the Parish of SS Peter and Paul, Balbriggan, from Saturday 14th — Monday 16th July.

Saturday 14th July

The Icon arrives in SS Peter and Paul at lunchtime.  You are welcome to call in at any stage during the day.

6.30pm Mass: Official Opening of the Icon ‒ “Opening the doors of welcome”


8pm‒9pm Getting to Know You ‒ What does the Icon Mean?
Patricia Carroll from the Office for Evangelisation helps us to explore the Icon and what it means for us and our families.
9pm‒10pm Quiet Prayer
10pm‒11pm Reflection and Music
11pm‒12am Quiet Prayer
12am‒1am Praying the Rosary: Family life through the eyes of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
1am‒2am Quiet Prayer
2am‒3am Hour of Prayer with the Padre Pio Prayer Group
3am‒4am Quiet Prayer
4am‒5am Up with the lark: Welcoming the new day with prayer
5am‒6am Quiet Prayer
6am‒7am Pilgrimage Walk: Companions of the Journey
All are welcome to join us on an early morning Pilgrimage Walk and see our town in the morning light.  Meet in the Church at 5.5am.

Sunday 15th July

8am‒9am Together in Christ: A time of reflection with Rev. Tom O’Brien of the Church of Ireland.
9am‒10am Quiet Prayer
10am Mass
12pm Mass
3.30pm Msza po polsku

Monday 16th July

Farewell Ceremony after 10am Mass
United in Prayer
Praying for all who take part in the World Meeting of Families.