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Dear Friends,


Very best wishes to all, as we enter the final week of the 50 days of Eastertide, our yearly jubilee.


Ecumenical Bible Week 2017

This starts next Sunday in the Lutheran church in Adelaide Road, Dublin. For the full programme visit


The readings

There is a remarkable sentence in chapter 7 in John’s Gospel, which reads:


Now he said this about the Spirit, 

which believers in him were to receive; 

for as yet there was no Spirit, 

because Jesus was not yet glorified. (John 7:39)


This is an explanatory gloss, which expands on the previous verse. It seems initially not to be true — the Spirit was already present at the baptism (John 1:32–33) and, of course, throughout the Old Testament. The second phrase may help: “because Jesus was not yet glorified.”


After Jesus’ death and resurrection, the role of the Spirit is totally new: making alive in the hearts of believers Jesus’ journey through death into resurrection, his lifting up in the language of the Fourth Gospel. The writer is sharply aware that this indeed radically new; for that reason, he echoes in story of creation (“he breathed on them”) in order to underscore the new creation in Christ. The creator God, who holds the cosmos in being, acted with the same grace and power in the paschal mystery, renewing creation — and  us — from the inside out. Amen!


The audio

To hear the Gospel notes, click here:


Contemporary Pentecost Sequence (Joyce Rupp) 


Come, Spirit who is our Light.

Shine among the shadows within.

Warm and transform our hearts.


Come, Spirit who makes a home in us.

Draw us to the treasures of your dwelling.

Reveal to us the inner journey of love.


Come, Spirit, Comforter and Consoler.

Heal the wounded. Soothe the anxious.

Be consolation for all who grieve and ache.


Come, Spirit who energizes our being.

Keep us from the tangles of toil and travail.

Lead us to moments of prayer and play.


Come, Spirit, consuming Fire of Love.

Fill us with enthusiasm for your vision.

May the desire for truth be vibrant within us.


Come, Spirit, joy of our souls.

Dance amid life’s hills and valleys,

Encircle us with the delights of your dance.


Come, Spirit of wisdom and insight.

Draw us into your goodness and light.

Direct our growth and guide our ways.


Come, Spirit, strength of wounded ones.

Be warmth in hearts of those grown cold.

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Kieran O’Mahony, OSA

Biblical Resources

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