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Dear friends,

We continue our reading from John 6 and this time the reflection is explicitly on hunger and recognition of hunger.

I enclose a poem by Paul Murray (taken from a marvellous edition of Poetry Ireland Review 112, entitled Name and Nature: ‘Who do you say that I am?’, edited by John F. Deane).  It is a reflection on re-awakening of faith — note the striking paradox (oxymoron?) of last line of the third strophe.  The prayer at the end is the prayer of us all.


O Merciful One

When without hope, without aim,
we find ourselves turning and turning
on the outermost rim
of the circumference of our own lives —

When our hearts are cold, our minds
no longer open to the conviction
of the unseen
or to the sources of that conviction —

When words which were fiery
once, electrifying the mind and heart,
now seem but a mimic of
flame, a dazzle of frozen sparks,

Burn us with your flame of truth,
with your word of love.


Biblical Resources: OT15B18


With best regards,

Kieran O’Mahony, OSA
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