Parish Information

Parish History

Constituted 1974 from Arklow. Castletown Parish consists of coastal area from ARklow to near gorey. There are four acient Christian sites: St. Ibar’s Clogga, Toberpatrick, Clone and St. Michael’s Well, Clonough, Memorial to Church of Penal Times. The present beautiful granite church of St. Patrick was opened on the 15th of November 1885 by Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. William Walsh

Parish Notes
Parish Address
Castletown, Gorey, Co. Wexford.


Very Reverend Martin Canon Cosgrove
Phone: 0402 32294 / Email

Pastor Emeritus
Very Reverend Eugene McCarney, P.E.

Churches & Mass Times

St. Patrick`s Castletown, Gorey

Mass Times

Monday: 10:00
Tuesday: 10:00
Wednesday: 10:00
Thursday: 10:00
Friday: 10:00
Saturday: 08.00pm
Sunday: 11:00

Holy Days: 20:00 (Holy Day Vigil) |On the Holy Day 11:00