Sisters of Our Lady of Sion – course/lecture/workshops

Sisters of Our Lady of Sion – course/lecture/workshops

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Sisters of Our Lady of Sion,

1 B St Margaret’s Close,



M25 2LY,



Tel: 0044 161 312 4914


Dear All

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, and let you know about our future hopes and plans for our presence in Ireland. We think these may be of interest to you as we would like to share some of our ministry in your diocese.

You may have known our sisters when we were present in our conference centre, Bellinter House, near Navan. At that time, we were involved in providing retreats and adult education as well as Biblical formation. Last year was a landmark in the history of the relationship between Jews and Christians as it was the fiftieth anniversary of the document promulgated in Vatican II which dealt with the Church’s relationship with people of other faiths, “Nostra Aetate”. As you know, this marked a revolution in the thinking of the Catholic Church regarding our relationship with the Jewish people. Many amazing steps have followed this in the last fifty years starting with Pope John XXIII down to the present Pope Francis. To mark this historic time and this remarkable journey of friendship between the two faiths we would like to offer a course/lecture/workshops dealing with the stepping stones which have led to the present day and charting the remarkable story of this time.

We would outline the history of the development and draw out the implications for us today and the growing understandings that are happening because of this developing relationship of trust and friendship. This history roots us back into an understanding of our story through the lens of our beginnings rooted within Judaism and we find a much deeper appreciation of our own roots.

We would offer this and tailor make it for parishes and communities in your diocese if you are interested (and we hope that you are!). We would very much like to hear from you so that we can get an idea of the possibilities of where this could lead, what you would require and how we can work within the parishes in Ireland at this new time.

Much of our work is concerned also with Biblical study and we would like to offer something in this area too, along the lines mentioned above in that the content and format would be tailor made to meet the needs of participants. We invite you to visit our website for more information

We recognise that through our founder, Theodore Ratisbonne, we have been given a unique gift which is not for ourselves but for the Church and the world. We therefore are seeking creative ways to continue to be present within the Church in Ireland.

We would like to ask you:

  • Are you interested in accepting our offer to speak/teach in your diocese/parish/community?
  • If so, how? What would you like? Can we offer an introduction to whet appetites for more?

Please can you reply to us before the beginning of June 2016. Send replies by email to either/both:

We look forward to hearing from you. If you would prefer to write a letter you can use the address at the top of this letter.

Meanwhile wishing you a Happy and life-giving Eastertide,


God Bless You



Sister Teresa Brittain nds

Sister Thérèse Fitzgerald nds

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