Frequently Asked Questions

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They say that real wisdom is knowing what questions to ask.  If your question is not here, make us wise.




Why do we have priests? What are diocesan priests? What do priests do all day? Do all priests work in parishes? What other kinds of priests are there? What kind of free time do you get? How are priests paid? How long do you have to study?  How many points do you need to get into the seminary? What promises do diocesan priests have to take? What is a deacon? Do diocesan priests take a vow of poverty? Why are priests moved around? Can you be sent anywhere? How do you apply to become a priest? What happens when you apply to be a priest? What age to you have to be to become a priest? Does Dublin diocese accept applications from overseas? What are the criteria by which an application will be evaluated? Why do priests not get married? Do you have to be very holy to be a priest?


Please contact us if you have any further queries.



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