World Meeting of Families – Fourth National Collection

World Meeting of Families – Fourth National Collection

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Fourth National Collection for World Meeting of Families 2018


The WMOF2018 Fourth National Collection is scheduled to take place in parishes on the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June 2018 and will replace the Share Collection.

The World Meeting of Families 2018 has prepared some resources for parishes to assist with awareness raising for the collection.  The resources have been prepared to cater for parish newsletters, parish websites and parish social media pages.

They are similar to those issued for the last National Collection and include:

1. An information visual containing some of the new stats on registrations, volunteering etc. for WMOF2018.

2. A brief article about WMOF2018, now that we know that Pope Francis will be with us.  This is suitable as an intro for articles about the National Collection on websites and in newsletters.

3. Four parish newsletter notices in image format (for the weekends leading up to the collection; for weekend of 16/17 June; and a thank you notice for the weekend after collection).
Notice 1  |  Notice 2  |  Notice 3  |  Notice 4

4. Four family focused ‘Thought for the Day’ images which can be used on websites and social media pages on the weekends before and the weekend of the collection.
TFTD 1  |  TFTD 2  |  TFTD 3  |  TFTD 4

Twitter: @WMOF2018 | Facebook: ‘World Meeting of Families 2018’ | Instagram: @wmof2018
Mailing address: WMOF2018, Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe Rd., Dublin 3, Ireland

World Meeting of Families 21-26 August 2018
“The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World”