Crosscare Appeal 2020

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 SEPTEMBER 19th and 20th 2020


My Dear People,

This weekend the Annual Collection to support the work of Crosscare takes place and replaces the Share Collection at all Masses.  Now more than ever before Crosscare need our help to sustain their critical services to people in need. This current pandemic has put enormous pressure on the agency as it strives to reconcile  increasing demands on services with cuts in funding across the board. Crosscare are determined to continue to offer the care and support we know them for and thousands of young people, families and service users need them to continue.


Crosscare is the social support agency of the Archdiocese of Dublin and sets out to ease the harsh burden that so many feel.  This year of 2020 has been extraordinary and I am very proud of the way the staff and volunteers in Crosscare have responded to the challenges. Quickly, in March, Crosscare adjusted to the Covid threat. To ensure that all of their vulnerable clients and services users remained safe services were adjusted and a new 100 bed cocooning service for particularly vulnernable homeless people was established.


Where services could not be adapted to allow face to face contact they moved to telephone and on line support. New initiatives particularly in the area of food support were provided for thousands of families who were unable to cope in the initial stages of the pandemic. Where services had to close, staff were quickly redeployed to support the front line residential and food supports that were under enormous pressure.


What needs to be done is being done without hesitation. However, Crosscare like many other charities are now finding it difficult to sustain their efforts due to shortfalls in funding.


Crosscare needs our help now more than ever before. Please give as generously as you can in the collection  by donating  on line at


Yours sincerely

+ Diarmuid Martin

Archbishop of Dublin