Faith for Life 2018 Awards

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Faith for Life 2018 Awards Night, Wednesday 6th June 2018

Picture includes Fr. Kieran McDermott, Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation and Ecumenism, alongside the Faith for Life team and participants


Faith for Life

Faith for Life is an adult faith course designed to help you to discover more energising and empowering ways to live out your faith in the reality of today’s world: through relationships, family, home, workplaces and the events of daily life. It aims to help you to be more active, open, faithful, confident, trusting and willing to work for change. Faith for Life course is experienced as a journey of four ‘Movements’ inviting you to explore the call you received in Baptism. The process for each weekend includes teaching, personal and group reflection, prayer and liturgy. The course requires attendance on all 4 weekends.

This course has been presented in Dublin Diocese for the past five years and is designed, and delivered, through a partnership agreement between the Archdioceses of Dublin and the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

We congratulate our 22 participants who received their certificates at a ceremony in Holy Cross Diocesan Centre on 6th June.  The course will take place again this year starting in October.  Anyone is interested in applying for the course or seeking more information is invited to email

Faith for Life leaflet: Faith For Life Leaflet 2018

Application form: Faith for Life Application Form 2018