Irish Language Resources for Priests – March

Irish Language Resources for Priests – March

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    1. An Leabhar Aifrinn Rómhánach, the Roman Missal (Irish language version) –Translation is largely complete and will be published shortly. With the ever increasing numbers of Gaelscoileanna in the diocese it would be good if each parish had a copy of the Irish language Roman Missal when it is
    2. Ord an Aifrinn (Veritas Publications €20 approx) – Interim slimline updated version of the Common of the Mass containing:
  2.   a) Introductory Rites – I Confess, Gloria, Creed,
  3.    b)Liturgy of the Eucharist – Eucharistic Prayers, limited number of Prefaces,
  4.  c) Communion Rite – Our Father, Lamb of God, Lord I am not worthy,
  5.    d) Closing Rites – Final Blessing

This book does not contain the Proper of the Mass – Collect, Prayer over the Offerings, and Prayer after Communion. These can be found in An Leabhar Aifrinn published by An Sagart, Maynooth. An Leabhar Aifrinn is out of print and will be superseded by An Leabhar Aifrinn Rómhánach due to be published soon.



  1. An tAifreann Naofa (An CoisteTréadach, Dublin Diocese 2012) – contains the Common of the Mass in both languages, updated Irish and original English, side by side to assist celebrants with translation. This publication also contains a CD with the soundtrack of the Mass in individual easily accessible tracks to familiarise celebrants with the pronunciation of the Mass parts in Irish. This publication is available from An Coiste Tréadach and may also be purchased in Veritas book stores.
  2. Machnaimh Shoiscéalacha Bliain A Naomh Matha, by Cothraí Gógan, Foilseacháin Ábhair Spioradálta (phone 01 775 8502) Also available Bliain B – Naomh Marcas and Bliain C – Naomh Lúcás These three books contain short sermons in Irish which are most useful to priests who may consider their fluency in Irish to be on the weak side.
  3. Irish language Missalettes: Any parish looking for missalettes in Irish can order from or Tel: 01 6794780, Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge, 46 Kildare Street, Dublin 2.


  1. Cumann na Sagart is an association for priests who may wish to improve their service to the Irish speaking community in their parish/area Their website contains very useful Irish language resources for priests, eg common prayers in Irish, daily Mass readings in Irish, very useful resource for weekly Sunday sermons by Fr Máirtín Mac ConMara under the Machnamh link (on the lines of Scripture in Church), the sacraments in Irish, the text of the Mass in Irish, the Funeral Rites, Calendar of Irish saints.
  2. Scroll down to Irish Resources link for an invaluable aid to the Irish Masses in the weeks and months ahead. Resources are prepared by various contributors and are of great assistance to priests whose fluency in preaching in Irish may be considered by them to be weak.
  3. www.catholicireland.nethas a link to the readings of the day and the readings for the following Sunday’s Mass. A link close by gives the Irish language version of these readings.