Job Vacancies

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Job Vacancies


SCHOOL CHAPLAIN – Willow Park Junior School

Willow Park Junior School are looking to fill the full-time position of a Lay Chaplain, with possibility of some RE classes specifically for the Sacramental classes in Second and Sixth Form.

The person will hold a recognised qualification or its equivalent in School Chaplaincy is mandatory. The successful candidate will support and actively develop the Spiritans ethos across all areas of Willow Park Junior School. A willingness to contribute to the extra-curricular programme is welcome. Shortlisting may apply.

Closing date August 19th  4.00pm – Postal applications ONLY please.

Interviews August 22nd.

Letter of Application: Referees (name, role, contact no.), Copy of Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees

CV (Unbound/Slide Binder)

Applications may be submitted by Post

Apply To: Willow Park Junior School Rock Road, Booterstown, County Dublin

For more information Phone: (01) 288-1651 or Email:


Job Out-Line

The work of the school chaplain is a role that was described as ‘falling between the gaps.’ The role of chaplaincy is often described as about people, the student community, teachers, staff members and families – not about structures, programmes, responsibilities or tasks. This description seems a little unfair as it gives no clear role expression of chaplaincy within a school. The phrase ‘compassionate presence with us’ is a good summation of the work of a chaplain. The chaplain as a faith presence committed to the values of Christ and on behalf of the school offers ‘accompaniment to each person on their journey through school and within the school community’

John Paul II in his World Youth Day address in 1995 (Manilla) spoke these words: In the course of their journey young people look for someone who… will know how to speak to their hearts and enkindle, comfort and inspire enthusiasm in it with the joy of the Gospel and the strength of the Eucharist.. will know how to speak to them about the problems which worry them, and propose solutions, values perspectives which are worth staking one’s future on.

Willow Park Ethos offers a programme of speaking and listening to the hearts of students, inspiring students to a wonderful generosity imbued with the Gospel’s Spirit of Joy and Service. Willow Park Junior school endeavours to offer a Value-led programme for all in the school community going forward which is worth staking one’s future on.

Chaplaincy is at the heart this Willow Park Junior School programme and Chaplaincy will continue to collaborate with all elements of the school community as it endeavours to enable a full expression of a Spiritan ethos where faith values of joy, love and service are manifested in every aspect of school.


Animating the Liturgy through;

Providing opportunities for prayer, age appropriate

Collaborating with teachers to lead class year assemblies

Liturgies for liturgical seasons, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter

Class Masses for 2nd form to 6th


Engage in Sacramental preparation programme through;

Parent’s Presentation on Sacraments

Provide Classroom preparation for Sacrament in conjunction with the teachers

Preparation with teachers and school team for the Sacraments of Initiation

Preparation of the liturgy for the sacraments with school team


Accompanying students of Willow Park Junior School through;

Helping young people to recognise their need for God

Offering Pastoral Support to students

Helping them to shape good questions on their journey


Animating mission through;

Class presentation on topics e.g. Faith and Justice, Charity Appeals, Spiritans and

Church Missionary Work, etc…


Animating Spiritans Ethos through;

Preparing resources on Spiritanss founders

Presentations on the Spiritan seven core values

Ensuring appropriate celebration of Spiritans Congregational days

Attending appropriate in-service days with Spiritans Education trust

Attending appropriate in-service days with Dublin Archdiocese primary advisor


School Supervision through;

Participation in School Timetable supervision

Participation in School Tours supervision

Named supervision requested by school management


Development of local Community Links through;

Liaison between local parishes and diocese


Engagement of a support network through;

The provision of Pastoral support for teachers

The provision of pastoral support of students if requested