Merchants Quay

Parish Information

Parish History

Meath St is one of the oldest parishes in Dublin dating back to the 13th century.

Parish Notes

Parish Phone
454 3356

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Churches & Mass Times

Church of the Immaculate Conception/Adam and Eve`s

Mass Times

Monday: 13:05pm
Tuesday: 12:00pm Novena of St. Anthony | 13:05pm
8.00pm Novena of St. Anthony
Wednesday: 1.05 pm
Thursday: 1.05 pm
Friday: 1.05 pm
Saturday: 12:00pm Mass & Devotions |17:30pm Vigil Mass for Sunday
Sunday: 21:00pm

Holy Days: Holy day vigil mass for the holy day Mass time 5.30 pm and 1.05 pm on the holy day except if holy day falls on Saturday holy day Mass would be at 12 .00 noon.