Share Sunday Appeal 2017

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Share Sunday Appeal 2017

Dear Friends,

The Share Collection is a concrete expression of Communion between the people and parishes of the Dublin Diocese.

The needs of the Church today are vastly different from those of 40 years ago when Share was first established. The priority in the past to build Churches and Schools has now been replaced by the need to build stronger families and communities in the Faith.

There is an extraordinary generosity on the part of lay men and women to take up their role and responsibilities in the life of the Church. Parishes are renewing themselves. We have dedicated priests, and even though fewer in number, they are engaging with the challenges of preparing for a new future. Our Parish Pastoral Workers and Permanent Deacons have added a new dimension to our parish communities and these and other initiatives need to be developed further in the years ahead.

Thanks to Share, the Diocesan Offices provide support services to our parish communities in areas such as child safeguarding, education and schools, repairs to buildings, financial management and human resources, including meeting our legal requirements under the Charities Act, communications, as well as training people to work in evangelisation and catechesis.

The Share collection provides the financial support for all these services. Support for Share has declined in recent years and yet the demand for these essential services is increasing.

I thank you for supporting the Share collection and I appeal to you to continue to give generously to Share, the second collection, each Sunday. Your help is an invaluable contribution to the work of renewal in the Church.

With sincere thanks and prayerful goods wishes in this Easter season.

Yours sincerely,

Diarmuid Martin

Archbishop of Dublin

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