Choose Life 2018

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Choose Life 2018, Issue Four

Please see the attached newsletter Choose Life 2018 which will be circulated by the Catholic Communications Office on a weekly basis.

Choose Life 2018 promotes the Church’s position on unborn human life and encourages family discussion on this important subject.

If you have any queries please contact the Catholic Communications Office on 01 505 3013.


Choose Life 2018, Issue Four

Download Issue Four.pdf
Download Issue Four.jpg (page 1)
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Past issues:

Issue Three
Download Issue Three.pdf
Download Issue Three.jpg (page 1)
Download Issue Three.jpg (page 2)

Issue Two
Download Issue Two.pdf
Download Issue Two.jpg (page 1)
Download Issue Two.jpg (page 2)

Issue One
Download Issue One.pdf
Download Issue One.jpg (page 1)
Download Issue One.jpg (page 2)


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