Diocesan Offices

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Archbishop's House

Archbishop's House, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Tel: 8373732. Fax: 8369796.

Secretary to the Archbishop:

Joseph Merrick  Email: joseph@abhouse.org

Master of Ceremonies to the Archbishop:

Rev. Damian McNeice. Email: damian.mcneice@dublindiocese.ie


Ersilia Davidson, Email: ersilia@abhouse.org

Elena Lanzetta, Email: elena@abhouse.org


Office of the Moderator of the Curia and General Secretariat

Diocesan Offices, Archbishop's House, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Tel: 01 8379253. Fax: 01 8379347

Vicar General & Moderator of the Curia:

V. Rev. Msgr. Paul Callan - ext 243

Email: moderator@dublindiocese.ie 

Anne Donnellan - ext. 245

Email: a.donnellan@dublindiocese.ie 

Ms. Sheila Pyne - Tel: 01 8379253. ext. 116., Fax: 01 8379347

Email: sheila@abhouse.org



Diocesan Offices, Archbishop's House, Dublin 9.

Tel: 01 8379253. Fax: 01 8571650.

E-mail: info@chancellery.org

Chancellor of the Archdiocese:

Monsignor John Dolan, L.C.L.

Assistant Chancellor:

Rev. Fintan Gavin, D.C.L.

Email: fintan@chancellery.org


Nora Murphy, Tel: 01 8087513

Email: nora@chancellery.org

Laura Quinn, Tel: 01 8087511

Email: laura@chancellery.org     

Orla Mulligan, Tel: 01 8087514

Email: orla@chancellery.org


Office for Clergy

Archbishop's House, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Tel.: 01 8373732

Fax.:  01 8369796

Most Rev. Eamonn Walsh, D.D., V.G.

Direct Line: 01 8087502 - ext. 119

Email: elmham@eircom.net


Bernie Baker

Direct Line: 01 8087506

Email: bernie@abhouse.org


Office for Religious

Archbishop's House, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Tel: 01 8373732

Fax: 01 8369796

Vicar for Religious

Sr. Elizabeth Cotter  - ext. 221

Direct Line: 01 8087508

Email: Elizabeth@abhouse.org

Assistant Vicar for Religious

Sr. M. Louise O’ Rourke, pddm

Telephone: 01 8373732 Ext. 205 

Email: louise@abhouse.org


Secretary: Bernie Baker

Direct Line: 01 8087506

Email: bernie@abhouse.org


Office of Evangelisation & Ecumenism

Evangelisation constitutes the essential mission of the Church. The Office of Evangelisatin & Ecumenism assists parishes, groups and organisations in the archdiocese in this mission. The office promotes an understanding of evangelisation and provides education, strategies and resources to implement a diocesan vision of evangelisation.

Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3.

Tel: 01 8373732 - ext 251. Fax: 01 8571668

Email: evangelisation@dublindiocese.ie

Website: www.evangelisation.ie

Director:  V. Rev. Kieran Mc Dermott.

Team Members: Ellie Mc Keown, Rosemary Lavelle, Gerard Gallagher, Veronica Jackson .

Secretaries: Mary Dent and Ewelina Klucznick.


Diocesan Liturgical Resource Centre

Holy Cross College, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3.

Tel. 01 8373732. Direct line: 01 8087554

Director: Fr. Pat O'Donoghue - ext. 236

Fr. Damian McNeice (Master of Ceremonies)

Secretary: Ms. Gráinne Clinton. - ext. 241

Website: www.litmus.dublindiocese.ie

Email: litsec@dublindiocese.ie


Office for Human Resources

Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3.

Tel: 01 8379253

Director of Human Resources:

Appointment pending.

Human Resources Manager:

Judith Maxwell

Direct Line: 01 8087551 - ext. 259

Email: judith.maxwell@dublindiocese.ie

Human Resources Officer:

Maternity Leave

HR Administrator:

Ashling Keane. 

Direct Line: 01 8087549  - ext 255

Email: ashling.keane@dublindiocese.ie


Vocations and Diaconate

Director of Vocations: Very Rev. John Gilligan,

Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe College, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3.

Assistant Director of Vocations: Fr. Seamus McEntee

Assistant Directors to Diaconate: Fr. Joe Mullen & Deacon Noel Ryan

Direct Line: 01 8087561

Email: vocations@dublindiocese.ie

Websites: www.vocations.dublindiocese.ie & www.priest.ie


Permanent Diaconate: Permanent Diaconate is an ordained ministry which complements Priesthood and Lay Ministry.

In 2008, Archbishop Martin began the process of establishing the permanent diaconate in Dublin.

Further information can be obtained from the Very Rev. Kevin Doran, Director for the Permanent Diaconate,

Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe College, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3.

Direct Line: 01 8087561.

Email: diaconate@dublindiocese.ie

Education Secretariat

Diocesan Offices, Archbishop's House, Dublin 9.

Director of Education: Anne McDonagh

Tel: 01 8379253. Fax.: 01 8368393

Email: amcdonagh@dubcated.org

Website: www.education.dublindiocese.ie

Senior Education Specialists:

Ms. Catherine Hennessy.  - ext. 225

Email: chennessy@abhouse.org

Mr. Declan Lawlor. ext 195

Email: dlawlor@abhouse.org


Nuala Ryan.  - ext 127

Email: nualaryan@dubcated.org

Ciara Ryan  - ext 125

Email: cryan@abhouse.org

Diocesan Advisers for Primary Schools:

Sr Anne Neylon, Breda Holmes and Helen Leacy

Diocesan Advisers for Secondary Schools:

Anna Maloney


Finance Secretariat

Diocesan Offices, Archbishop's House, Dublin 9.

Tel: 01 8379253. Fax: 01 8368393.

Financial Administrator for the Diocese: Ms. Ide Finnegan, A.C.M.A. (acting)

Financial Controller: Ms. Keava Lyons, A.C.A. (acting)

Property Manager: Mr. Seamus Leahy.

Property Supervisor: Mr. Kevin Moran.   

Parish Liaison Accountants: Mr. James Frain, F.C.C.A. & Ms. Keava Lyons, A.C.A.

Accounts: Anne Smyth.

Secretaries: Rosan Dunne. (Finance); Anne Collins. (Property)


Communications Office

Archbishop's House, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Tel: 01 8360723/ 8360754/ 8360783. Fax: 01 8360793.

Communications Director: Ms. Annette O Donnell.

Email: annette.odonnell@dublindiocese.ie   

Communications Officer: Appointment pending

Staff: Ellen Gentry - ext. 209

General Email: communications@dublindiocese.ie   

Website: www.dublindiocese.ie


Diocesan Archives

Holy Cross Diocesan Centre, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3.

Tel. 01 8379253.

Diocesan Archivist: Noelle Dowling

Rev. Michael G. Nevin

Ms Mary Thackaberry and Mr Peter Sobolewski

Email: archives@dublindiocese.ie

Website: www.archives.dublindiocese.ie


Child Safeguarding and Protection Service

Diocesan Offices, Archbishop's House, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Tel. 01 8360314. Fax. 01 8842599.

Email: cps@dublindiocese.ie

Website: www.csps.dublindiocese.ie  

Director of Child Safeguarding and Protection Services: Mr. Andrew Fagan, M.S.W.

Child Protection Officer: Appointment Pending

Priest Support Co-ordinator: Mr. Gerry Deegan

Priest Delegate: Fr. Richard Shannon

Child Protection Officer: Julie McCullough 

Child Safeguarding and Protection Traning and Development Co-ordinator: Fr. Paddy Boyle, Dip.Ed., B.D., S.T.L.

Garda Vetting Administrator: Vivienne Knight

Administration: Ms Aileen Byrne, Ms. Geraldine Tierney



Dublin Regional Marriage Tribunal

Diocesan Offices, Archbishop's House, Dublin 9.

Tel. 01 8379253. Fax. 01 8368309.

Correspondence to: The Judicial Vicar, Dublin Regional Marriage Tribunal.

Judicial Vicar: Reverend Paul Churchill.

Assistant Judicial Vicar: Appointment pending.

Email: dublinrmt@eircom.net


Dublin Metropolitan Tribunal

This office handles judicial and administrative cases other than marriage nullity cases.

Diocesan Offices, Archbishop's House, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Tel: 01 8379253 Fax: 01 8368309

Judicial Vicar: Reverend Paul Churchill

Promotor of Justice: Reverend William Richardson


Office of the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Two pilgrimages travel to Lourdes each year from the Archdiocese: The pilgrimage from 7th – 12th September is one of the biggest events in the diocese calendar and is lead by the Archbishop. About 2,000 pilgrims travel from all over the Diocese. Of these, 180 are sick pilgrims staying at the Accueil Notre Dame which is ‘a place of welcome’ close to the Grotto and with many of the facilities of a modern hospital. Another 500 of the pilgrims are voluntary helpers, made up of nurses and doctors, female and male helpers, known as handmaids and brancardiers, and a team of chaplains. A further 200 young people assist as well in the care of the sick pilgrims and many of these are from secondary schools and colleges from around the Diocese. The balance of the pilgrimage is made up of Parish Groups and individuals from every corner of the Diocese.

The Children’s Pilgrimage is a much smaller group, but a very important one, as it joins with thousands of other child pilgrims from all over the world each year from the Monday to the Saturday of Easter Week. About forty children travel from Dublin assisted by the same number of helpers and a team of chaplains, doctors and nurses.

Enquiries can be made to the Administrative Secretary: Geraldine Hanley  at The Pilgrimage Office, Holy Cross College, Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3.

Phone: 01 837 6820/ 8087555 Fax: 01 836 0720 or Email: geraldinehanley@eircom.net

Pilgrimage Director: Fr. Martin Noone. Tel. 01 808 7556

Mobile: 087 243 0645. Email: martin.noone@dublindiocese.ie

Pilgrimage Secretary: Fr. Gerard Tyrrell. Tel. 01 808 7557

Mobile: 087 286 0704. Email: gerard@ncdp.ie

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